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Freely download every books you want

We thinks that every man have the right to access culture freely.

A man who can read any information he needs, is a better man! And a society with better men is a better society. So, we want to provide free books for every one! Every type of book: romance, tutorial, cook book, science and so on! Writers have the right to earn from their intellectual job, i agree with this! But nobody should ask us money for a book written by Oscar Wilde. And, in the same way, nobody should prevent a free writer to publish freely his work.

So we have done this site because

we want to do a big library where you can find a every book you need. We want you to freely access as much information as possible. Every book here is "free as freedom", so you can download it, read it, copy and freely redistribuite it! All books are covered by free license, like Commons Creative, GPL, or without license (like older books).

Have a good time reading!


  • Classic novel in italian

    Classic novel in italian

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  • Classic novels

    Classic novels